3 Main focuses I have when producing rap instrumentals

Making hip hop beats for yourself can be quite easy, especially if you stray away from focusing on the reasons why rappers are trying to buy rap instrumentals. When you pay attention to what they need, what they are looking for, whether that’s sampled beats or a novel, original idea, the task can become much harder, and these are the 3 things I keep in mind whilst producing.

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1. Is it a high quality beat?

This is something which haunts me throughout the entire process of making a beat. I honestly believe this comes down to the quality of your sounds. Am I selecting high quality sounds or if I’m creating my own sounds, have I filled up enough frequencies to actually make the track interesting? Once selecting the main sounds I then focus on picking high quality drum samples always keeping in mind what’s currently popular, the sort of instrumentals people are trying to buy and then giving them what the want with a little extra on top.

2. Is it different?

As I said I try to pay attention to what is currently popular in music, although this has hardly changed over the last few years, and then I try to make it different. Does it have a different feel? Does it have a different bounce? The goal is not to make a Metro Boomin’ Type beat but to steal elements from numerous producer and bring a new style of sound into the mix.

3. Can it stand the test of time?

This is a question I focus on but not as much as the others. My goal when producing is to simply make as much music as possible, make it sound great, different, unique, enjoyable, and then just share it with the world. I have over 600 beats including hip hop beats, RnB beats etc. in my collection and I’ve done a poor job at sharing, so a recent focus of mine is to simply make a hip hop beat everyday and just share it, and to see what happens.

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