3 Reasons I give out free hip hop instrumentals

1. To attract attention

Giving out free instrumentals whether hip hop, rap, RnB is one of the fastest ways I’ve found to grow an audience online. Whether you decide to surprise a rapper with the best beats in their email or whether you first speak to that rapper and decide to collaborate, free rap beats allows me to attract the audience of the rapper and to hopefully grow my own. DJ Pain explains here why free beats are important

2. To build alliances

Creating a partnership with an artist allows for me to potentially make money on the backend. If a rapper says they don’t have enough money to buy hip hop beats right now, I’ll offer them something else where we can make money once the project is complete. This is one of the main ways I build alliances in the music industry

3. For The Art

Most the time, I barely care about the money, I just want to see the best rap songs being put out over the best high quality rap instrumentals and for that reason alone I’ll always give out free rap beats. Now bare in mind I keep exclusive rights when doing this and the artist is not allowed to make a profit but we can work together in order to figure out the most productive way to make great music because in the end, it’s all about the music.

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