Step By Step Guide: Chopping samples in Logic Pro X or any other DAW

How to sampleSampling is something which has been used within hip hop instrumentals and I’ve seen a few articles and videos and all of them teach really bad or outdated ways of sampling inside of Logic, whether that’s Logic Pro 9 or Logic Pro X. Here, I will give you a simple walkthrough of how I sample to make my rap beats, which was taught to me by my music teacher 7 years ago in Cubase and I still use it today to make quality beats. This is the basic principle and work with any DAW whether thats Logic, Cubase Fruity Loops (FL) etc.

1. Load the track into Logic and work out the tempo

Every song has a BPM and in order to sample so your beat sounds fluent, you must first find the tempo of the track you’re sampling. For this I use All8. It’s a simple tool for which you tap to the rhythm of the song and it gives you the correct BPM.

Sampling in Logic Pro X

Once it gives you the BPM, set this as the project BPM inside Logic Pro X.

2. Line up the first down beat on a bar

 How to SampleAs you can see I’ve set the project BPM to the songs BPM and have placed the first beat drop on bar two. This allows us to chop directly on quarter steps or half steps (all depends on your preference). You then take your scissors tool in Logic by pressing t and then 5 (may be called a slicer in other DAW’s such as Cubase, Pro Tools etc.) and you hold cmd and insert your slices.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.18.28 pm

You can then select the parts you want and delete the rest.

3. Add an EXS24 Sampler track

Once selected, insert an instrument track and add the EXS24 Sampler as a Multi-Output. Click edit and then drag your samples into the empty space. On the popup window, select contiguous zones and click OK. Once added, click the group drop down list and add a new group. How to chop soul tracks

Once you add the group, select all your samples (cmd + a) and drag them into the newly formed group. Then select the group tab and change the poly from max to 1. This ensures only 1 sample plays at a given time. Make sure you save your samples and mute the original track, I advise you never to delete.

Chopping samples in Logic Pro X

how to sample

4. You’re now ready to record, manipulate and add effects to your sample

You can now simply click in the notes from C1 or if your using a midi controller like myself you can play the samples on your keyboard. Play the notes on either 1/4 or 1/2 steps the same way you decided to chop them.

Chopping Samples

Happy producing. If you need anymore help, contact me on twitter: @j_levy.


If you adjust the pitch using the coarse inside the EXS24 sampler, it also adjusts the tempo of the sample so make sure you adjust the project tempo to match your new tempo.

If you can’t get the EXS24 sampler to trigger the samples, ensure you’ve selected the track and the red r symbol for record is on.

If a track changes tempos because it wasn’t recorded to a metronome for example, make sure when you chop you get as close to all 1 and 3 beats.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 I hope you found something useful inside this article and If you liked this post, please comment and share. It would mean a lot to me.

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