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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey Jordan, what's the difference between the Gold and Diamond leases?

Good question, the Gold lease gives you access to the WAV track of your selected beat. This WAV track is premixed just as you heard it. The Diamond gives you access to the Trackout.

Hey Jordan, what is a Trackout?

When hip hop beats are made, each sound is placed onto it's own track (i.e. the 808 is on a different track to the drums). Purchasing the Trackout gives you access to all the different sounds used in the instrumental (i.e. you'll recieve the 808 as a seperate WAV Track to the kick drum, snare etc.).

Hey Jordan, so should I purchase the Trackout?

Well this all depends on what you know about mixing. The trackout gives you the chance to mix the beat and set the levels correctly to fit with your vocals better. If you know how to mix, or have somebody who is going to mix for you, then definitely purchase the Trackout.
YOU WILL still recieve the WAV and MP3 Files if you purchase the Trackout

Hey Jordan, could I purchase mixing from you with the Trackout?

Yes, but make sure you message me before you purchase. I have to be able to fit your project in to my schedule

Hey Jordan, is it possible to download snippets of your beats for me to have a listen and attempt to write to them?

Yes of course, the snippets are available to download below, just scroll down to the bottom of each page and there is a link for the downloads


Have another question which has not been answered? send me a message below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.