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Terms Of Service

(1) Free Downloads

Free downloads of any beat produced by ‘J. Levy Beats (Jordan Levy)’ do not include any artistic, commercial, profitable or legislative rights to the beat. Those versions are only for non-profitable use, meaning only for demonstrational tracks. You are allowed to upload tracks (recorded over free downloaded beats from JLevyBeats.com) on internet pages like Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Facebook, Datpiff, Hotnewhiphop, Livemixtapes, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, etc. When being uploaded or presented, credit always has to be given in written form to ‘J. Levy’ (example: Prod. by J. Levy – JLevyBeats.com) (e.g. in the song description or song title). You are allowed to put the track on a free mixtape if it is for promotional use only and strictly for non-profitable purpose. If you want to put your song on an album, or manufacture physical copies, or sell your music in any form, you need to purchase at least a leasing license or higher license which is appropriate for your needs. The meaning of free downloads is to do a song for yourself, to do first pre-recordings and to see if the song works out well and is worth to make investments in one of the license types.

(2) Gold Rights (if applicable)

Also known as non-exclusive rights, purchasing a leasing license grants the customer limited artistic, commercial and legislative rights to the corresponding beat(s) for one single profitable/commercial use (e.g. album, EP, single or mixtape) on any physical or digital medium such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, LPs, USB-Sticks or digital sales (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud etc.) with a circulation of up to 10,000 sales units, all royalty-free. If this point of sale is reached and/or further sales are desired, further rights with a new sales cap need to be obtained with a new license or license upgrade (if the beat has not yet been sold with exclusive rights and is still available). If the beat is no longer available and offered for any form of licensing and/or marked as sold, sales must be ceased. Once Licensee has reached the allowed number of sales and any other limits concerning his license agreement, no more sales can be made after the sales cap is reached. Licensee expressly agrees to remove his song from any marketplaces, stores, etc. to avoid the song from being sold or monetised continuously. A leasing license (non-exclusive) comes as a mixed, tag-free WAV-file, MP3-file and a contract/invoice, stating the rights of use and details of purchase. A beat can be leased to more than one person at the same time until exclusive rights are sold to the beat. Once a beat has been sold with exclusive rights, it will no longer be available for any kind of leasing and licensing. Previous leasing/non-exclusive rights that have been sold before the beat is sold exclusively are not affected and stay valid until the applicable sales cap has been reached. Leasing a beat does not make the licensee the sole owner of the beat, nor does it give the licensee any administrative rights to the beat concerning legal actions against other license owners or anyone using any of the compositions offered by Jordan Levy (JLevyBeats.com).

(3) Diamond Rights (if applicable)

Same restrictions as in point (2) Gold Rights. The Licensee must not sell or redistribute any components of the beat purchased i.e. the drums, melody etc. Diamond Rights are for those who wish to mix the track with their vocals for better quality.

(4) Exclusive Rights (if applicable)

The purchase of exclusive rights grants the customer full artistic and commercial rights to the purchased beat. The licensee is limited to 500,000 sales with exclusive rights. An exclusive rights purchase comes as a mixed tag-free WAV-file, a mixed MP3-file and the corresponding separate in WAV-format (also known as tracked outs) along with a license agreement/receipt, stating the rights of use and details of purchase. Once a beat has been sold with exclusive rights, it will no longer be available for any kind of future sale/licensing. Previous leasing rights being sold before the beat has been sold exclusively are not affected hereby and stay valid until the sales cap has been reached. It is therefore possible that a beat has been leased several times before exclusive rights are sold. Once exclusive rights are sold, the beat(s) will be marked as ‘sold’ and any possible download and licensing option will be removed. Upon request, a sold beat may be removed from any website and marketing space where it has been offered for sale by the licensor, if licensor agrees to. This excludes demonstrational videos (e.g. youtube, etc.) or demonstrational audio material used in intros, animations or as background music. Licensee is not allowed, nor has the authority, to dis-allow/forbid other non-exclusive license-owners any use of the beat-composition(s) for commercial/profitable purpose or take legal actions against non-exclusive license owners. The licensor expressly forbids re-sale or other distribution of the producer’s beat-composition, either as they exist or any modifications thereof for use in any competitive product, nor can licensee transfer his rights to the beat-composition to a third party if it’s not a full song with artist’s/licensee’s own vocals or at least lyrics. Licensee is allowed to sell his song over the beat-composition without any sales limitation or sales cap, worldwide and throughout the universe, without terminability, in any commercial/profitable form, and/or transfer the rights to his song over the beat, to another party such as Record Labels, another production company and another artist, but never the rights to the beat-composition itself for a standalone beat-composition product. The licensee understands that the licensor maintains 100% copyright and ownership of the original instrumental composition and that licensee buys exclusive sales rights and rights of use to the beat-composition(s) but not the intellectual property itself. This is necessary and entitles licensor to maintain the administrative and legislative rights to the beat-composition, in order to be able to ensure non-exclusive license owners administrative guidance and license-warranties. Licensee can use song(s) over beat compositions as background element in TV, Film and DVD / computer game projects without obtaining written consent and/or another license agreement. Licensee must include on all productions, products and any medium the producer’s name (J. Levy). Licensee agrees to display the producer’s name in all physical media or within web presentation of a portion (e.g. pre-listening) or sum of the original instrumental composition that is being licensed in this agreement.


Credit must always be given to ‘J. Levy (Jordan Levy)’ in written form, for example ‘Prod. by J. Levy (JLevyBeats.com)’. By making a purchase of any kind or downloading demo beats, tagged beats, etc. or any similar content, the customer declares that he will give credit to the producer where possible in a written form (cd cover/booklet, song or video descriptions, youtube videos, file-names, mixtapes, albums, singles, remixes, social network pages such as facebook, music sites such as soundcloud, reverbnation, etc.).

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